The Hong Kong Sling – How This Famous Cocktail Got Its Name

Tourists are curious by nature. They love to discover asia vacation. Hence, in their visit asia holiday, they see to it that they get pieces of information about the place that they visit. Hence, when visiting Hong Kong, visitors cant help themselves but to ask where their famous sling cocktail got it names.

Most tourists who have visited Hong Kong have one thing in mind when going back to this place. They want to taste another cool glass of its famous Sling Cocktail. Hence, from a tiring airline travel, busy traffic and exhausting hot day, they look forward to get to their hotel as soon as possible and have a sip of their favorite cocktail; the Hong Kong sling.

To make the famous Hong Kong sling, all you need to do is prepare the ingredients and the materials beforehand. You need to fill the shaker with ice about half way full, mix all ingredients on a shaker and make sure to mix them well. After doing so, you need to strain them using a high ball glass with fresh ice cubes in it. Then fill this with cold soda water. When serving, decorate it with Lychee and make sure not to forget to put the long straw. Then enjoy the taste of a refreshing Lychee cocktail that you can only find in Hong Kong.

But the question is; how did Hong Kong got its sling cocktail name? Well, I did an extensive research about it but I really got no answer. I found how Singapore sling got its name though but as for Hong Kong sling, I have no idea how it was derived. All I learned is that it is rich with Lychee flavor and has drawn many tourists who visited Hong Kong. Hopefully, I will find the answer to this query. Since just like many Hong Kong tourists, I too would love to hear the story behind it.

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