The Healthy Food for Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a big responsibility; it’s like holding a life in your bare hands. And eating food that is good for two is freaking hard.

Choosing the right food is quite important because the development of the baby depends on what you take.

We know that well-balanced diet is needed during pregnancy; it is the best gifts you can give to your baby while his inside your womb and at the time of pregnancy, and women are having problems in dealing with their appetite.

We are having so much stress during this time, but it should not affect our eating habits. In fact, we need to be more careful in choosing the food we eat.

Here are some foods to eat when pregnant, foods that are essential for the better development of the baby.

Foods rich in folic acid, calcium, vitamin A, B, C, protein, calcium and DHA:

Avocado is rich in folic acid and vitamins that develop tissues and brain growth of the baby. It also aid morning sickness during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Carrots, broccoli and lentils contain vitamin B6, A, C and folic acids. As well as yogurt, a cup of yogurt is loaded with calcium and folic acid too.

Cereals, whole grains bread, pasta, nuts and seed, dried peas, fruits and vegetables are enriched with fiber. Fiber is important in pregnant women’s diet because it helps prevent constipation, high blood pressure and prevent pregnancy risk.

Meat, fish, eggs and nuts are a good source of protein; make sure to cook it all the way.

Eggs are rich in choline that is responsible in the brain development of your baby and prevent neural tube deficiency. Avoid eating half cooked meat, poultry and egg.

Protein is made up of amino acids that are responsible in the development of your baby’s charming face.

When feeling hungry after meals, feed yourself with less sugar and fat’s snacks. Like prunes, fresh fruit juices, cereals with milk, whole-grain bread with salmon, tuna or grated cheese are better than chips, chocolate and biscuits. Popcorn is also rich in fiber and helps prevent nausea.

Drinking lots of water prevent you and your baby from dehydration and drinking eight glasses or more water helps build cells.

Coconut water is also good for pregnant women; it helps control the cholesterol level within the body. It is rich in anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. We all know that pregnant women are prone to urinary tract infection (UTI); drinking coconut water is the best way to prevent UTI.

These foods are rich in essentials nutrients for your baby’s development. There are also foods that you need not to eat during this period. Avoid unpasteurized milk, cheese and juices, raw fish, shellfish and liver. This food may contain salmonella, bacteria, high levels of mercury and E. coli.

You might not know it but too much intake of preformed vitamin A from liver is dangerous during pregnancy even though vitamin A is needed in the development of the vital organs of the baby, and it is needed when the woman is about to give birth.

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