The Famous Whale Shark Watching Oslob

Oslob of Cebu is located in the south side area of the main city and the place has been to have the best natural land and water resources as compared to what the north part of the province has in hand. It is also known for the various activities available to locals, non-locals and foreign tourists as well ranging from not so extreme to extreme land and water sports. The place has a very diverse marine ecosystem and life that recreational and professional divers take advantage of all the fish sanctuaries that Oslob have.

One particular activity which is also a hit to tourists and which is only available in that area is whale watching Oslob and for the longest time, there has never been a zero tourist visit. It is very apparent that such activity has always been their number one itinerary whenever they come to visit Oslob. During the weekends, tourists flock the area as boaters and tourist guides made sure that they are in the right que for their turn. They (tourists) get to see the whale sharks being fed while they are on the boat. They get to take pictures as well with their waterproof cameras, however, touching or holding the creature is prohibited. For extreme seekers, they can go on scuba diving and enjoy these giants from a safe distance.

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