The Essence Of Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Food Grade

Placed under the carpet along the edges, it will help prevent future infestations. I helped you; please help me show others how successful this DIY treatment can be! When they try to climb up the bed, they’ll become stuck. Fill cracks and crevices with the appropriate filler. Tape any holes that would allow bugs to enter your box-spring. Use a mattress cover that completely seals – one made for dust mites will work just fine. If you have a large infestation and catch a good number of bugs this way, please, send me the picture! It took ten weeks and they re-steamed and reapplied Mother Earth-D (Diatomaceous Food Grade) when necessary; because death is not immediate, the females may be able to deposit eggs which will hatch and become active. It is these hatchings that you need to stay on top of.

In the study, 16 equally infested units were selected and half the units were 100% bed bug free while the remaining units were 98% free; another application would likely have taken care of the rest (but the study was limited to 10 weeks). The study found that bug interceptors trapped an average of 219 bed bugs per apartment and were an extremely effective part of the treatment program.

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