Team Building Activities

Themed events are a great way for companies to build and maintain relationships with their employees or potential customers. Working together and having fun is great for team building activities so that they are happy and more positive about their role.

Holding a themed event is a great way in which you can encourage your staff to work together towards a common goal and usually have a lot of fun in the process. A fun themed event says thank you to your workforce and shows promotes respect amongst team members.
Here are a few ideas which you might wish to consider:

Its A Knockout!
Based on the original TV series, this is a real fun way to motivate staff and improve communication in the workplace.

James Bond
A chance to dress up in your best black tie and slip into some sophistication! Guests can enjoy cocktails with Miss Money penny or try their hand at the Gangster Run Casino.

1970s and 80s
Dress up as your favourite 80s pop star and strut your stuff or maybe kick bike and take it easy with a 1970s get up.

Medieval Banquet
Gather all your Lords and Ladies to enjoy a night of feasting and royal entertainment!

Two teams battle against each other to capture the other ones flag, each team must work together to win.

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