Taking the Pain out of Gall Bladder Attack

Recognizing gall bladder symptoms is important, since they can often be mistaken for symptoms of other conditions, a fact that may lead to complications. Gall bladder symptoms can often cause a lot of discomfort. Anyone who has ever experienced the rapid onset of a gall bladder attack knows how uncomfortable such an experience it can be. A gallbladder attack can come on suddenly, and is typically experienced at night. Some research suggests that women are generally more susceptible than men to gall bladder pain and other symptoms. Gall bladder symptoms in women. Specific Symptoms related to gallbladder pain and gallstone formation:

1) Pain, which can often extend to the back, or to the right shoulder.
2) Moderate or severe pain below the upper right side of the rib cage.
3) Flatulence
4)Belching and Burping
5) Vomiting
6). Nausea

What Triggers the attacks?

Gall bladder attacks frequently happen at night and can be as short as a quarter of an hour and as long as fifteen hours.
In some instances breathing deeply can cause pain to get worst.
Attacks can also be triggered by overeating or may be set off by fatty or greasy meals.

What can you do?

Although there is no uniform consensus about this, the following may help avoid attacks temporarily. Avoidance of dairy products, a low fat vegetarian diet, avoidance of meat and all animal products,.

However, gallstones do grow in size over time if the same diet and lifestyles are maintained. Therefore, partaking of some remedial action is highly suggested.

What are my Alternatives?

Medication: Most medical doctors would recommend the use of toxic drugs such as Actigall, or ursodeoxycholic acid. These are taken orally to dissolve only gallstones made of cholesterol, but not the calcified ones. The downside is that it takes one to two years for complete dissolution of stones and it is a very toxic drug. Only sufficiently small stones of a certain type are treatable with this drug.

Gallbladder Surgery?

Most surgeons are more prone to recommend gallbladder surgery as their preferred method of treatment. Most are under the impression that this is the single method for getting rid of gallbladder attacks forever. But a little undisclosed fact is that up to fifty percent of patients who undergo a gallbladder removal procedure return to the doctor because they have a reoccurrence of the initial gallstones symptoms. It is true that the symptoms disappeared initially, but only temporarily. Medical studies do concur with this fact.

What is the Pulverexx Protocol?

Another alternative is one that is much less invasive than the typical gallbladder surgery. It is called the Pulverexx Protocol. This one deals with the gallstone obstruction at source and helps vanquish the pain as well. It is an alternative natural approach that seems to be gaining more popularity and is brought forth by Doctor Eden LLC. It is less intrusive and does not require any surgery; it gets rid of gallbladder pain and does not require the use of any potentially toxic drugs. See: www.gallbladderdetox.com.

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