Take The Chill Out Of Winter With Heater Rental.

For back up heat, emergency situations or just that little bit of extra warmth as winter sets in, heater rental can provide the perfect solution. Modern heaters are compact, well designed and efficient. They are safe to use and can offer a very cost effective solution to extra heating requirements. There are a number of sectors including domestic, commercial and industrial who can benefit from heater rental and these include nursing homes, restaurants, shops, offices, homes and warehouses to name but a few. You may own a workshop or garage and need to help keep your employees warm when the temperatures fall. When it comes to heater rental, there are a wide range of heaters specifically designed to tackle different jobs. From a small oil filled radiator designed to keep the chill off a room or conservatory to large indirect air heaters designed to warm huge spaces such as warehouses or large marquees. Long or short term hire is available and you might be pleasantly surprised to find out just how cost effective this method of temporary heating can be.

Ice skating is almost certainly enjoying a new wave of popularity in the UK and at least some of that is down to the recent success of various television programmes. It is fun and great for keeping fit and it is suitable for all ages. Ice rink rental makes an excellent choice when it comes to organising a party or event for family, friends, your local school or community group. Ice rink rental can be taken out long or short term and includes all the equipment and staffing you need. Ice rink rental companies will supply a range of ice skates in various sizes as well as safety barriers, seating, first aiders and personnel to make sure your event runs smoothly and safely.

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