Take Garage Door Security Seriously

Although you likely feel pretty safe when you’re at home, the truth is that if you’re not undertaking proper measures to secure your garage door, you may be leaving the door wide open (pun intended) for the bad guy to get inside. Your home, your family, and your belongings can all be compromised if you don’t have your home sealed off from would-be crooks, including the access that they might gain through improperly secured garages and garage doors.

Typical Security Breach

Typically, the breach in home security that occurs through the garage is caused by an automatic garage door opener. Although the garage door opener can feel like a real luxury when it’s raining or snowing, the truth is that it can compromise the security of your home and leave it vulnerable to potential thugs.

Since most homes with garages have an access to the home from the garage, most crooks know that if they can get in the garage, they can get in the home. The reason is that there’s a safety feature with automatic garage door openers the emergency release lever.

This lever allows for the opening of the door when the power fails. Criminals know that they can use an object like a coat hanger to access a pull cord on this apparatus and then let themselves into your garage where they can do their no-good deeds and even get inside the main home without being seen.

Overcoming the Issue

Overcoming this issue with your garage door security can be accomplished in several ways. First off, the release lever can be disabled, although you should keep in mind when doing so that you will no longer be able to open the door if an emergency occurs. The cord can be removed, too, but that’s not a surefire way to keep people who want to get in from getting in, since they can still use an object to lever the door open.

You can also just disable the garage door opener altogether and just open and close the door as needed. After all, this is how they did it in “the old days,” although it is somewhat of an added burden for most people.

How Your Locksmith Can Help

Some of the solutions above may not seem practical to the average homeowner, which is where a local locksmith like SK Locksmith can help. Installing a keypad system on the garage door is a great alternative that allows you to retain the functionality of the door without as much worry of intruders.

To enter, you and your loved ones will enter a preprogrammed code, and then you can disable the release lever without disabling the lever for emergency use. What’s more, a locksmith can install a deadbolt on the door that leads to the home from the garage, a move that makes it harder for bad guys to gain entry to the home, even if they do find their way into the garage.

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