Great Window Film for Kinders

Kinders, Day Care Centres, and childrens bedrooms all have something in common they should be a safe and fun place for a child to spend time. And for the most part this happens. We offer children toys, fun books and games, and other forms of entertainment to make their safe spaces feel that much safer.

But those avenues have been done to the point of overkill, so that children nearly expect these treats. So what can we do to offer them a unique yet fun space, something that no other child in the neighbourhood has?

Window tinting is the solutionRead the rest

My Home Is Now Better, For Tint

Last year I was on a reality television show that never made it to the air. While I hoped to get the exposure (I am an actor), Im okay with the end result, because by the time the show ended, I found myself with brand new window tinting for my home. How did this happen?

So, I was at a pool in Las Vegas, in the US, when a woman approached me, telling me I had the look she and her programme were looking for. Great, I said, what do I have to do (it doesnt take much to get … Read the rest