Avoid Spreading Oral Diseases Between Your Family

Any person that you ask would agree that sharing ones toothbrush is just plain unhygienic and unthinkable. As discussed on , even if its with someone very close to you like a family or relative, sharing your toothbrush with someone else is a big no-no. However, even with the principle, partnering infection can still happen. But how exactly is that?

Research and studies have shown that a toothbrush can easily be infected with oral bacteria coming from other toothbrushes. It is a common practice among families to store toothbrushes in one storage space. This is the reason why any airborne … Read the rest

Non-Dental Medical Conditions That Cause Enamel Erosion

As it has been discussed by www.seattlesmiledentist.com, our teeth are made to be very strong and durable enough to bite, chew, and chomp on even the hardest kind of food. However, when the level of acidity inside the mouth gets high, they are immensely affected.

The outer shell of the teeth (the one thats very hard and strong) is called our enamel. When acid influence the enamel, it gets eroded. The moment that our enamel gets eroded, our tooth becomes more prone to tooth decay and other serious dental problems. This is the reason why it is very crucial that … Read the rest