A Few Shopping Tips For New Parents

Who can say that being a parent is easy? Being a parent is not easy, as you become responsible for a human life since the day that life is conceived and you become aware of it. Parents have to face numerous obstacles and they will surely have numerous horrible days, full of worries and problems, but they will also have amazing days and memories that can’t be compared with anything else in this world. This is one of the explanations to the fact that there are numerous parents who start shopping for their babies even before they are born; they … Read the rest

Movers That Save Money

Hiring a safe moving company is the best way for you to get into a new home. When you are moving, it can be a very stressful time in your life. As a result, you may struggle to find the help that you need in order to get everything that belongs to you from your old location to the home or apartment that you are moving into. When you are in need of a solution, you want to avoid thinking that the company you choose does not matter. In fact, selecting the best moving professionals would be the only way … Read the rest

Girls Love Minnie Dresses

I know for a fact that little girls love Pink Minnie dresses. Just 20 years ago I was one of these girls who loved watching Mickey and Minnie mouse in cartoons and who always asked her mother for new toys and dresses that were inspired by this pair of cartoon mice.

Now I’m a mother myself and my baby girl is just as obsessed with Minnie the Mouse as I was. She recently read some comic books featuring Minnie and her boyfriend Mickey in various adventures and that set off her Minnie fantasy (or “fantasia da minnie baby” in Portuguese) … Read the rest