How A Laser Cutting Machine Works

Laser cutting involves use of flexible machines in cutting material range such as metals, ceramics, plastic and wood. A laser is a device that controls the rate at which an energized atom releases photons. The word laser is an acronym of light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. How a laser cutting machine works In industrial laser cutting works, a well defined spot is concentrated with high energy amounts. As a result, materials in the highly concentrated region vaporize. Oxygen gas mixed with other gases such as Carbon (IV) oxide blows the hot materials out. The beam of energy is … Read the rest

A High Quality Metal Fabrication Company

A high quality metal fabrication company like on this site will be able to fulfill large orders for small metal components. All parts are produced with care by skilled workers. Many automotive companies use fabrication shops to create different metal parts that are placed in high end cars and trucks. It is less expensive to hire an outside firm to create the thousands of parts that are needed on a busy automotive assembly line. Parts can be ordered well in advance of a scheduled production date. Shipments are sent to the client according to their needs. Automotive workers are … Read the rest

Cutting And Burning The Metal Sheets

Most manufacturing and construction industries make large use of metal sheets. To make the sheets be of value or suitable for their different functions, fabrication in necessary. Through sheet metal fabrication, the sheets of metal can be curved to any shape to make them suitable raw materials for the different industries. The process is complex involving different techniques and tools. The businesses involved in offering these services are known as fabrication shops or fabs shops. They use highly trained staff to ensure quality results to their clients. The sheet metal fabrication involves three main processes which are cutting, bending and … Read the rest

Laser Cutting For Speed. Efficiency And Precision

There are two types lasers used in cutting services. These are the CO2 and YAG lasers. The carbon dioxide laser is mostly used for boring, engraving and cutting. These lasers are produced by radio frequency energy are used for cutting of aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, paper, titanium, wax, wood, plastic and fabrics.

Carbon dioxide lasers come in four different variants, slow axial flow, slab axial flow, transverse axial flow and fast axial flow. Axial resonators turn a mixture of nitrogen, helium and carbon dioxide with a blower and turbine at different speeds. Transverse flow lasers are much slower in … Read the rest

Laser Cutting Machines And Power

Laser cutting machines and power

The speed of cutting any material using a laser machine is directly proportional to power. Thin materials can however be cut very fast using a machine powered by 150 watts. The machine also becomes slow when cutting very thick materials thus one is required to use the recommended laser machine for specific tasks.

Warnings and precautions

When using a laser cutting machine it is always advisable to observe safety first by carefully handling it. A laser machine emits high energy enough to tear through your skin in seconds. Avoid dangers such as skin burns that … Read the rest

The Steps Involved In Fabrication Of Stainless Steel

Pierce and punch

Piercing and punching techniques are used for the process of forming perforation and holes. Punching is an easy and cost effective way of forming holes of various size and shape during the fabrication process. Many holes can be formed using the method of piercing, perforation, notching and punching .


In this stage, the physical dimensions of the work pieces are changed according to the requirements. Bending machines or press brakes may be used for this process. If a curve is to be provided to the work piece then the process of cold or hot rolling are … Read the rest