Facts About DNA Testing

DNA testing is a process that is mostly used in forensics to identify individuals thorough their respective profiles. People can be identified through encrypted sets of numbers that reflect their genotypic fingerprint. Studies have shown that, although genetic information in humans is almost the same, there is enough genetic material that can distinguish one person from the other. However, monozygotic twins are an exception, and the process is not enough to distinguish them. ln order to identify a person, forensic experts use repetitive sequences, which are highly variable. These genetic sequences are called the VNTRs (Variable Number Tandem Repeats). Short … Read the rest

Specifics To The DNA Testing Process

Deoxyribonucleic acid is the one referred to as DNA. It is a type of nucleic acid which has genetic instructions which are essential in growth and proper functioning of organisms and particularly living organisms. For this acid to work effectively it requires RNA which is another nucleic acid. The nucleic acid is made up of two polymers referred to as nucleotides. These nucleotides are made up of phosphate and sugar units. Reading of information is made possible by genetic code whereby it specifies the progression of amino acids. Through transcription copying is done to RNA, ribonucleic acid. The progression in … Read the rest