Grades and Types of PVC Strip Curtain

PVC strip curtains can be used for all types of application where heat or cold needs to be retained. They are often seen in use in walk in cold stores and freezers as they save energy and cool loss whilst allowing easy access by pedestrians. PVC Strip Curtains can be ordered in any length and in a choice of different grades and overlaps. There is also a choice of hanging mechanism to suit different access needs and convenience.

Standard PVC strip is low cost and easy to install and maintain. It can be ordered in clear or coloured strip and … Read the rest

PVC Strip Insulator Doors

Loading bays can be a big loss of heat in your building, with large draughty doors constantly open you may find that heat escapes in winter and invades in summer as well as the insects. Being open to the elements may be a problem as well, with the sleet, snow, wind and rain easily able to invade and damage goods whilst wreaking havoc with health and safety conditions. An easy solution to this would be to install a secondary door that is easily accessed so why not try using plastic strip curtains?

With a heavier type of plastic the wind … Read the rest

PVC Strip Curtains for Business and Industry

Plastic PVC strip curtains are most commonly used for cold rooms or walk in fridges or freezers where they are used to form a barrier to prevent the loss of energy and cold air. With any cold room the door, it will have to be opened to allow access and as and when it is open the cold air escapes and heat is allowed in. A PVC strip curtain helps to prevent this and therefore ensures maximum efficiency combined with ease of access.

Another area in which PVC strip curtains are used is to separate different working areas in the … Read the rest