3 Must Have Tackle Box Items

The sport of fishing involves many items and pieces of equipment that you can use. Much of it is essential such as the fishing rode, line and hook, but a lot of it you can probably do without. However, there are some items that you can keep in your tackle box that can play a crucial role in whether you are successful in catching a fish or not.

You should always keep a selection of hooks in your tackle box in varied sizes and you should also make sure that any hooks you use are pin point sharp. If a … Read the rest

Fishing Manners and Common Sense

Fishing is a sport where you will inevitably be in contact with other people from time to time. You may arrive at a lake and find that you will be fishing in close proximity to another fisherman. Being courteous and showing good manners to your fellow fisherman is a must; always show them the respect with which you wish to be shown yourself. A little bit of common sense and respect should also be shown to the environment you are in. Here are a few things to consider making sure every fishing trip is enjoyable by all.

If you do … Read the rest