Everest Base Camp: Taking the Challenge

Our number of fellow trekkers includes the remainder visitors who’d later become eternal friends, my 22-year old girl and two work colleagues. Our journey started eight months ahead of the actual trek with lots of work and weight loss however, most of the others, fresh, healthy factors, had just started planning monthly or two ahead of the trek. It was really a challenging trip for some individuals due mainly to altitude sickness and just eight from thirteen people actually made it to Base Camp. The course holiday was an incredible choice as I was a nervous new adventurer and I … Read the rest

Best Trekking Tips

Trekking is one of the best hobbies for most of the people. People heading to the base camp expecting to be pampered in luxurious hotels are barking up the wrong tree. We would be remaining in charming little teahouses, that have been very simple, but surprisingly comfortable. Those who are significantly more experienced when it comes to walking holidays can notify you that immersing yourself in a nearby life-style can be considered a major facet of appropriate adventure holidays. It is also an effective way to usually meet people from throughout the world in case that you end up travelling … Read the rest

Everest Base Camp Trek: Journey at the Top of the World

Everest region journey is a direct way for the world’s highest mountain – Mount Everest. It is one of many most popular trekking destinations of Nepal. Every year tens and thousands of trekkers visit this beautiful area of Nepal.

The Everest region (area around Khumbu) is often called the home of Sherpa people and the mysterious Yeti. The trek around Khumbu comprises not merely the trail to Everest Base Camp but also Namche Bazar, where its customer sees it delightful to have the heart of Sherpa culture, the inhabitants of Nepal Himalayas.
Trekking to Everest may be the issue of … Read the rest

Learn About Himalayan Mythology on an Everest Base Camp Trek

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            The research and early ascents of Mount Everest (8,848 yards) will be the stuff of legends, while completing an Everest Base Camp trek is a personal quest for many visitors to the Himalaya. But the need for the mountain is a lot wider than this, and its stories grow back into the mists of time. Having a knowledge of the beliefs and practices surrounding Everest enables readers recognize its reputation and may even more; it will 
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