How to troubleshoot Wireless Speakers?

Wireless speakers are convenient for adding music without running long speaker wires. They are fairly simple to set up and are typically packaged in a set. Some other models such as wireless outdoor speakers from Amphony are sold as separate components. However, what do you do if the speaker doesn’t output any music after you set it up? I will give some pointers on how to troubleshoot your speakers.

If your speaker runs off batteries then one possible cause is that the batteries are depleted. If the speakers also can operate with a wallwart then it is a good idea … Read the rest

A look at several Wireless Speaker models

There are many types of wireless speaker systems and each of them comes with its own price. In most cases you will find that they tend to be more pricey that the wired ones. For instance, if you have a player for MP3 or a phone, you will find a wireless speaker with Bluetooth. This will be quite ideal and will help you continue with what you are doing on the table or bed but at the same time be able to enjoy the sound coming from the speaker at the volume that can easily be controlled remotely.

The other … Read the rest

Do You Have To Sacrifice Sound Quality With Wireless Speakers?mus

There is an old question having to do with the performance of wireless speakers: “Do wireless speakers have the same sound quality as corded models?”. In this article I will try to answer that question. Hopefully you’ll be able to shop with more confidence after reading this post.

The performance of cordless models has improved a lot over the last few years thanks to manufacturers coming up with new technologies which improve the reliability and also quality of the wireless link. Obviously it is crucial to have an optimum wireless link in order to get good sound quality. Speakers which … Read the rest