Office Cleaning Solutions In Dallas

commercial janitorial services

Commercial Janitorial Services

A clean office can lead to improved employee performance and productivity. Our outstanding team of janitors is ready to help clean and maintain your office or commercial property. All our housekeepers are expertly trained to provide the highest level of client satisfaction.

For your office, our standard commercial janitorial services include restroom cleaning, vacuuming of carpets, trash collection, dusting and floor care. In the bathrooms, we stock toilet paper and paper towels, and thoroughly clean and sanitize the sinks, urinals and toilets. Your carpets will look like new after being cleaned with our powerful hepa-filter vacuum cleaners. … Read the rest

Effective Cleaning Solutions With A Steam Cleaner

When it comes to removing dirt, grease and grime, steam cleaners make an affordable and extremely efficient solution. Dirt or grease is lifted in seconds and cleaning anything from fabrics, floors and patios is a breeze. The beauty of a steam cleaner is that it uses a totally natural process to achieve such outstanding results. No chemicals, no toxins just water and hot air to tackle some of the dirtiest surfaces. Small and compact and easy to use, these miracle machines make cleaning easy, quick and they sanitise the area at the same time. Steam cleaners can be used on … Read the rest