Successful Sexual Harassment Prevention Strategies

Successful sexual harassment prevention strategies involve:

Policies: the employer has to put in place a sexual harassment policy that sets out clearly that the organization will not tolerate sexual harassment. It should also make mention of what employers and employees are to do when a sexual harassment incident arises. There should also be a mechanism set up for reporting sexual harassment incidents where the employees can bypass their immediate superiors and report the incident. Having a policy does not, however, guarantee that there will not be any sexual harassment in the workplace which is why the employer should also: Ensure that supervisors and managers understand their part in preventing sexual harassment. Ensure that all employees have a copy of the sexual harassment policy and that they understand what procedures to follow when they are subjected to sexual harassment. Investigate all sexual harassment complaints promptly and discretely. Ensure confidentiality when sexual harassment is reported to ensure that the well being and privacy of the complaint is protected

The Employee

The employees also have a responsibility in that they have to make sure they are familiar with their organization’s sexual harassment policies and that they behave in a manner that reflects the conditions of the sexual harassment policies. Employees also have to learn to be observant so that they can actively detect the different forms sexual harassment takes. When they encounter sexual harassment, they should also be aware of the measures to take in dealing with and reporting sexual harassment in the workplace. Read more about California sexual harassment training on

If the policy allows, they can confront the harasser immediately and be vocal about any behavior they find inappropriate or offensive. If an employee becomes aware of harassment of someone they know, they should offer support and encourage the recipient of the harassment to report it to the relevant department.

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