Stay Safe With Free Chlamydia Testing

Chlamydia is the most commonly transmitted sexual infection (STI) and around 1 in 14 young people are infected. The problem is that Chlamydia often has no obvious symptoms and therefore you could be carrying the infection and yet be totally unaware. Whilst the infection may show little or no signs of its presence, left untreated it can develop in to much more serious health problems. For this reason it is important to get yourself tested if you are sexually active or have had sex without the use of a condom.

Free Chlamydia tests are widely available and are simple, confidential and painless. The NHS offers also offers free chlamydia tests kits by post in many areas. The test kits are free and very easy to use. The test kit will arrive in discreet packaging and will contain everything you need to take the test yourself and return it to the laboratory for analysis.
The test will require a urine sample or a swab. Once you have taken your sample you will place it in the box provided and post it in any post box. You can also choose various ways to receive your test results and the options are available at the time of ordering your kit.

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