Sports that help in making you taller

Does your height make you uncomfortable in your daily life? Short people often feel less satisfied with the quality of their life as compared to their taller counterparts. The primary reason for this is the way the world perceives height to be an indicator of attractiveness. Shorter people are considered to be unattractive and are less respected. Due to this reason, short people are often unhappy and asking the question how can I get taller. Sure, it is possible to get taller regardless of when you finished your puberty. There are a number of ways to make it possible. The popular ones include doing stretching exercises and using growth hormones. There is another little known but highly effective way to increase height; through certain sports. Yes! Certain sports not only have recreational value, they can even help you gain additional height! Lets take a look at what these sports are which can help you grow taller.

Swimming is the most popular and well known sport to grow taller. The main reason is that swimming reduces the impact of gravity on your body and as a result new tissues come into being which help you gain additional height. Another way in which swimming helps it gives an intense workout to the primary muscles of your body. The combination of these two factors makes swimming a great way to add to your height. If you want to get taller and fit, swimming is a great activity to consider. You will be possessing a well toned and a bigger body in no time. You should devote at least 10 hours weekly in order to create a substantial effect on your physique.

Gymnastics is another sport that helps you increase your height.
Everyone is aware that stretches help to lengthen your spinal cord, and as a result your body can gain an additional 3-4 inches. However, you must know that a single stretching exercise alone will not yield the results you are after. You will have to go for a combination of 4-5 exercises and perform them on a daily basis to see results. The best time to perform stretching exercises is in the morning just after you get up from sleep. This will help you ensure maximum results from your stretching.

Running also helps you make taller. Running puts pressure on your shin bones, which leads to micro fractures. When the bone repairs itself, it becomes stronger and longer as a result. Running every day for 30 minutes will significantly enhance your height especially during your growing age.

Growing taller should not be a problem for you now. Just take up the above sports and achieve the height you always dreamed of!

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