Sous Vide Cooking – Taste the Difference!

The Sous Vide Supreme is considered the worlds finest water oven and introduces a superb way of cooking food to perfection. All kinds of food can be easily prepared in the Supreme and it really is a touch and forget technology which makes it ideal for busy lives.

Sous Vide (pronounced soo-veed) literally means under vacuum in French. It is a culinary technique which is used in professional kitchens all over the world and now it is available for home use. The Sous Vide Supreme machine is a household appliance which is the envy of any kitchen. The sous vide technique involves placing uncooked food such as chicken breasts into a special vacuum pouch. This pouch is then sealed air and water tight and placed into a water bath at a precisely controlled temperature.

The food is then cooked slowly to perfection whilst retaining all its nutrients, juices and flavours due to the sealed pouch. The end results are incredible and once you have tasted food cooked this way you will wonder what you have been missing! Food is beautifully cooked with a texture which is unattainable by any other traditional method of cooking. The souse vide is now available to buy for any home and makes an impressive and welcome addition to any kitchen.

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