Some Revolutionary Uses Of The Cell Phone

A cell phone is not a device limited to phone conversations alone. Of course, today smart phones can also be used to access the Internet and for social networking. But, there are a slew of technologies making their way into the cell phone to make it an extremely useful device to have on hand. For instance, there are plenty of smart phones today that can be secured and operated with facial recognition technology. You can get hold of such revolutionary gadgets and devices when you use a Straight Talk Promo Code.

Can you imagine being able to keep track of your blood pressure with the help of your mobile phone? Well, even this technology has made its way into the world, thanks to the range of mobile applications that are available in the market today. One chink in the armour as far as the cell phone is concerned is the fact that it is not really waterproof. Or is it? Cell phones are coming out with something known as liquipel technology that allows them to be safe even when they have been dunked into water. Of course, cell phones are thinner than ever thanks to revolutionary technology and soon you maybe even able to just fold up your cell phone and put it into your pocket!

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