Sodium In Your Platter

Consuming excess sodium can cause lots of health problems. Starting from high blood pressure to increase risks of heart diseases and stroke, sodium, though an important part of cooking and diet is actually harmful. The lesser you consume, the better for your health. Even nutrition experts suggest that it is very important to avoid sodium as much as possible. Follow the nutrisystem to learn different diet ideas to avoid sodium.

The best way to avoid sodium is to eat fresh items. Eat lots of vegetables, fruits and grains without salt and you will naturally have lesser sodium in your diet. These foods are not just salt-free, but they also contain other health benefits. Fresh foods have lots of vitamins, minerals and fiber in them.

Cut out all the processed foods from your meals. Processed foods contain excess salts for preservation. So, you will do yourself a favor by cutting out canned foods, soup mixes, instant soups, pickled foods instant noodles, canned veggies, pizzas, frozen dinners, processed cheese, smoked meat, chips, slated nuts and pretzels. You can look for the unsalted variety of some foods like unsalted peanuts, crackers and pretzels.

Sodium is tricky enough to sneak into the labels of ingredients for certain foods; so watch out for ingredients like sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, sodium citrate and others.

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