Social Media SEO Techniques for Increasing Your Traffic

One of the easiest ways to increase traffic to your website is to increase the high quality backlinks to your website. This SEO technique is a lot easier said than done. The problem with getting backlinks is that it takes a long amount of time to get quality links. Once you have those links in place you also have to wait for the search engine spiders to crawl those links to determine the value. Over the years many website owners have utilized robots and other techniques to accumulate thousands of backlinks to their websites, only to find out when they were crawled that the search engine caught up to their cheating ways and penalized the website. Here is the proper SEO services tips offered by for getting some of the highest ranking backlinks to your website to increase your traffic.

are typically some of the highest ranking websites on the internet. Facebook and Twitter have some of the best page ranks, and getting your content on those sites will surely increase the value of your properties. The key to properly optimizing your website is to get a business profile created that links back to your main website. Facebook allows you to create an unlimited amount of business fan pages, all of which can point followers right to your business website. These links will have the potential to be seen by not thousands, but millions of potential customers.

The business profile you create on a social media website should represent your website in every possible way. Take the time to use SEO services on your new profile. The page should have a brief description of your business that has plenty of long tail keywords in it. All of your contact information should link to the corresponding pages on your website and not just the home page. If you have a page that deals with a return policy, create a link to that return policy page. If you have a page that explains your store hours, link to that page from your new business profile. The more links from your business fan page to your website pages the better. These links will all be considered relevant and can help to increase the overall rank of your website.

Once you have established your new business profile, it is time to incorporate another SEO service on your website. Social media buttons can quickly be added to your website by way of a free plugin. These buttons represent all the popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linked’In, Pinterest, and Instagram. These buttons make it easy for a visitor to click a button and basically send your content to their social profile where they share it with their inner circle. You do not need a business profile on all of those sites to make use of the buttons, they are for the convenience of your visitor. With one click of that button, your web page is posted on a high ranking website where thousands can see it. If it gets reposted from that social page, it is them possible to be seen by thousands more. All this without lifting a finger of your own. The snowball effect is that if that page is popular and keeps getting reposted, you could literally be seen by millions in a short time.

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