Skipping Surprise Substance Abuse Tests At Office

Most offices conduct drug tests to check substance abuse among employees. These tests are usually conducted unannounced so that no one gets the time to stop using the drugs and appear sober for them. These tests have also classified painkillers as drugs and you need to have a prescription proving that you are authorised to consume the painkillers. If you do not have a prescription for it, then you might have to explain a lot. Your job might be at stake. You can avoid this sticky situation by using dr excuse template to make a fake prescription.

The templates are available bearing the name, address and phone number of a clinic along with the diagnosis of a disease. You need to go online and look for the template that suits your purpose best. There are more than 30 templates available online and each one has its own specification. You need to pay around $10 to use the templates for making your own prescription. The payment that you make needs to be done using your credit card. The amount is payable only once. Many people have used these templates in the past you can try them too. There is little or no chance of you getting caught for using the template.

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