Skinny Windows With Film

I went by my friends house the other day. I told her I would pick her up at 2:00 for late lunch. When I pulled in her driveway I didnt see her car. They dont have a garage so I was a bit worried she wasnt home yet. I parked my car and got out to go to the front door and ring her doorbell. Wow, what a beautiful front door she has these days. Must be new. It even has those skinny windows along both sides of the door that make the perfect touch to an entryway. Pushed the doorbell. No answer. I knocked. No answer. What is usually ones next instinct? Right, I wanted to peek in the windows. Fortunately for me I could see right into her new skinny side windows, but I thought to myself, that is unfortunate for my friend and her family.

Honk, Honk, Ah, here she comes, phew. My dear friend met me at the front door with a big hug and an apology for being a few minutes late. First words out of my mouth were, removable window film. Hi, nice to see you too and Huh?! my friend answered. I proceeded to tell my friend she needed to go to the website I used to help make my home a more private living environment. My friend told me she had the idea of putting up little curtains in the skinny windows but hadnt had time to shop around yet. I encouraged her to check out the site and her mind would be changed instantly. I reminded her that the film is removable and interchangeable which would give the freedom of changing the patterns and shades of tint depending on season, holiday or mood. My friend was instantly sold on my lovely suggestion having shopped around the informative and user friendly website.

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