Silicone Tubing and Hose

Silicone is a versatile material and there is a wide range of tubing and hose available. It has long been used for pharmaceutical applications as it offers flexibility, hygiene and exceptional performance at relatively low cost.

Silicone is especially suited to medical tubing as it meets the medical industrys strict standards of cleanliness and non toxicity. Silicone is also ideal for applications where flexible tubing is required to handle temperatures that other plastics and rubber cannot. This is due to its excellent resistance to extreme temperature fluctuations.

Silicone tubing and hosing is extremely pliable and elastic in its nature. This rubber like, thermoset material is also resistant to weathering, UV light, radiation and ozone and this also makes it a superb choice for electrical applications.

Medical grade silicone tubing is non reactive to body tissues and fluids and is odourless, tasteless and inert. It can be used in peristaltic pumps and will withstand repeated sterilisation which makes it a long lasting and re-usable property. Applications include: blood and fluid handling, dialysis, IV administration, surgical drains, pharmaceutical processing and laboratory use.

There is a wide range of tubing and hose available and further details can be found on the internet from a number of silicone manufacturers.

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