Significance Of Low Glycemic Index Foods

Glycemic index is a number given to food items depending on how they affect your blood glucose levels. Food items made from carbohydrates which are digested by your system at a slow rate are considered to be of low glycemic index. These foods are highly nutritious and do not cause high spikes in your blood sugar levels. Such types of foods are highly recommended for diabetics as it is very important for them to control their sugar levels. Low glycemic index foods are beneficial not only for diabetics but are also healthy for all people. Some examples of low GI foods include green beans, celery, broccoli, eggplant, zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes and grapefruit. In fact, majority of the vegetables and fruits qualify as being low glycemic index foods.

Most diet plans in the market are based on restricting calories or fat or carbohydrates. Nutrisystem is different from all these diets in that it gives focus on low GI foods. Not only is it healthy and well balanced, it also helps people to lose weight. With this program, you can achieve your weight loss goals and dietary needs at extremely low prices by taking advantage of the nutrisystem coupons. You don’t have to read the food labels to identify low GI foods. Mainly foods containing simple sugars and having lesser amount of carbs have low glycemic index. Low GI foods are highly nutritious and helpful in preventing many diseases. Medical conditions like diabetes, obesity, and heart problems can be easily prevented by including low glycemic foods in your diet.

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