All your life you have been looking to adopt a diet plan that is low in carbohydrates as you have been thinking that low carbs are the key to weight loss. Well, there is no doubt about it that low carbs leads to loss in weight but also what you don’t understand is the side effects that come with it. Here are the side effects of no carb diet.

Side Effects of a No Carb Diet
Photo by dollen Side effects of a no carb diet

Yes, low carbs diet plans cause serious harms to the body which includes slower metabolism, alters the levels of hormones in your body, decreases your emotional stability, puts you at a risk to gain weight again.

With the new half day diet review at wisejug, it is well understood that you are not eliminating any carbohydrates from your body but instead you can consume as many carbs as you want. The diet has been planned that doesn’t limit you from eating any foods that you love. The diet limits the use of carbs at the daytime but at night you are allowed to consume as much diets as possible.

With the consumption of carbs at night, it eliminates the dangers of no carbs diet and kicks in your metabolism, which is evidently far better than any low or no carb diet. You continue to enjoy better health at no risk.

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