Shared Vs. Virtual Dedicated Hosting

Between shared and virtual dedicated servers there are a lot of common aspects. Yet at the same time there are a lot of differences as well. Both shared and virtual dedicated servers are hosted on a shared environment. By shared it is meant a singe physical server is allocated to more than one hosting client and that means they have to share the resources of the server. However unlike a shared hosting account wherein a client does not have access to root in virtual dedicated accounts a client has root access. Using root access a client can easily install whatever applications he needs and whatever changes he might want to make from time to time depending upon the requirements of his website. Shared servers are unsuitable if your business is growing and are likely to need additional applications to be installed after some time. On a shared hosting environment a hosting company is reluctant to install additional applications on demand. Pricing wise shared hosting is the cheapest. Next to follow is virtual dedicated hosting servers which lies right between dedicated and shared hosting in this regard. Shared hosting appeals to clients who dont want too much customizability whereas virtual dedicated appeals to both budget customers and those who are looking for a bit of customization.

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