Sexual Harassment Prevention Training. Onsite Training

Onsite Training

Managers and employees must be aware of the actions that result to discrimination and harassment in the workplace. The organization is responsible to ensure that managers know the legal consequences pertaining to failure to comply with the law on this topic. There should be documented procedures and policies regarding harassment in the organization. The definition of sexual discrimination and the scope should be fully understood by all stakeholders of the organization. The importance of seminars and other training programs is that you get to share specific examples that constitute a hostile environment and learn how to solve it.

There are different modules that specifically target managers, supervisors, employees and third parties. They are designed to prevent, identify and correct any discrimination cases and retaliations. Some of course trained include Diversity programs, Designing policies, Code of conduct and compliance, Red flag courses and EEOC Preventive measures.

Online Programs

Some organizations may not be able to afford onsite programs or have diverse nature of employees who cannot be scheduled for a course. Accessible and compliant programs are also available online and are very convenient to many employees. Web-based programs are designed in such a way that they not compliment onsite training but act stand-along comprehensive programs. Sexual harassment is a sensitive topic and many employees shy away to participate on face-to-face seminars. Online feedback as been reported to be very accurate and users tend to open up more when discussing this topic than do on the onsite sessions. With the advance in technology, employees can now learn from their own mobile device.

Prevention is the best tool to eliminate sexual discrimination in the workplace. Training employees regularly ensures that the behavior does not show up. Sexual harassment prevention training is also offered by various state organs on a scheduled plan which organizations can take advantage of.

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