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Any website owner knows that the key to the success of his page is traffic generation. Traffic is the term used for the amount of visitors to the page or the number of hits a page receives. Without hits and a constant audience, the website/page cannot survive. There are several methods that can be used to increase traffic, most of which rely a lot on SEO Zen. Some methods are free and some are paid, with the latter yielding faster results. Remember not to waste too much money on this process, as it is best to use organic and paid methods in combination. Alex Becker is the person who made the program. Alex Becker really wants to help everyone make money online. Alex Becker program will include all of the following things.

A few methods of paid traffic generation include:
Pay-per-click: this is the method by which you advertise your page on a search engine or social media website. With pay-per-click, you pay the search engine or social media website for every click received. The top pay-per-click sites currently include Google, Yahoo, and Facebook. Pay-per-click delivers quick results, although attention must be paid to such things as keyword bids, which keep changing. If you want your page to appear above others, you will have to keep an eye on the changing bids.

Articles: One of the best ways to drive traffic to your site is to write a few articles about its content and distribute them to Ezine publishers and webmasters. This method is completely free and yields good results: as soon as the links to your pages get picked up by others, your Google ranking and credibility increase – creating SEO Zen. These extra links will not only provide you with more traffic, but you will have the opportunity to expand your range by posting your articles in different formats as well.

Guest Blogging: Guest blogging for already established websites allows you to post a link or two about your page in return for your article, thus increasing traffic. This method is reliable because as people read the guest blog, they will consider you as an authority on some level and will be driven to your page. Be sure to write the guest blog for a site that is related to your page.

YouTube: YouTube is a platform on which you can market your site by creating a video about your product. Be sure to come up with a suitable title for the video and use the tags efficiently in regard to the description and title of the video. Optimizing these areas will ensure a better ranking and SEO Zen. Include the URL of your page in the video description and add a few keywords at the beginning for search engine optimization.

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