Sending Large Files With The Help Of The Internet

The ever improving internet technology has made it easier to send big files in a very short time and with best security. People now share information over the internet. Nowadays, Internet has become the main platform for sharing information all over the world. Many of us even share our personal experiences through a blog while others use the World Wide Web to transfer important data to a computer situated at a remote location.

For a very long time now, email has been considered as a reliable method to transfer files which could include text or graphics. You may send quite small files of size 2 or 3 megabytes. Files larger than this will fail to get attached and you will get a pop up saying that the file size is too large.

One of the traditional methods of sending large files is File Transfer Protocol (in short FTP). But it cannot handle extra-large files. FTP is not a very effective method of file transfer in case of sending large files of more than 100 megabytes. You may have to wait for more than an hour to send you files through FTP. Even on the recipients end getting a large file is a big trouble. This is because the sender hardly has any control over the software the recipient is using. You can email large files free through Files To Friends also, a well-known site for sending large files.

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