Send Flowers – The History of a Beautiful Tradition

Flowers make the ideal gift for very every occasion. Whether anyone has had a infant, celebrated a birthday or lost a loved, flowers are the ideal gift. The large range of colors and types that are obtainable means you can literally find something for every occasion. People love to get flowers, , so that makes them an even better gift. But how did they start giving flowers?

In the Beginning

No knows exactly who gave the first bunch of flowers, but it could basically go as far back as Adam and Eve! Toddlers automatically pick wildflowers to give to their mothers, drawn by the colors and prettiness. 

They do know, however, that each culture has used flowers for different reasons. In Ancient Greece, flowers were thought about to be property of the gods, making them very special. There's accounts of flowers being given as a gift for plenty of thousands of years. The large majority of these would have been flowers that where picked wild, and a few from the garden.

The Language of Flowers

In Victorian times, flowers were used to express over admiration or love. Whole letters could be written with blossoms alone! Each flower has a specific meaning . . . though the exact meaning depends on a variety of factors, including color and size. For example, a red rose means "passion", pink means "romance" and coral colored roses mean "friendship".

Back in the day, people knew the meanings of all the most common flowers and this made each and every bouquet filled with much more meaning. A young man might send a girl a bunch of wildflowers, but it would be a message in disguise! Even today, some people enjoy learning the meaning of flowers and adding these special flowers to their bouquets. It adds a whole other dimension to a simple bunch of mixed flowers.

This time period was definitely the most significant of all for flower giving. With the additional messages contained in bunches of flowers, it was of the large gifts of the day.

Modern Flower Giving

Historicallyin the past, men gave flowers to ladies, but now it`s acceptable to give a man a bouquet of more masculine blooms, . Even babies get in to the act! Try giving a small girl a bunch of roses for her birthday and you`ll make her day. For more help visit .

These days, it`s common and acceptable to give flowers as gifts. They are not restricted to basically wild flowers or those obtainable in the garden anymore, either. Now there's tropical blooms and more delicate varieties of flowers obtainable year round. This makes giving flowers a more thrilling experience. For more help visit .

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