Reupholstering Queen Anne Style Chairs

Queen Anne style chairs are distinctive in their appearance and take their influence from the Old English and Tudor styles. This style of furniture reached its peak at the end of the 19th Century and today those simple lines and curves make for an elegant piece of furniture.

The Queen Anne chair upholstery and design is characterised by its simple, curving lines, vasiform splats and cabriole legs. Seats are often designed in a horse shoe shape and the chairs contain decorative elements such as carved shells or scrolls. The sides of the chair will fold slightly inwards and this was designed to help keep heat retained within the chair.

If you are fortunate enough to own one of these beautiful chairs yet feel it is starting to look a little tired or worn it is possible to have them professionally reupholstered. In fact, the Queen Anne chair is probably one of the most popular chairs to use this traditional craftsmanship to restore them to their original beauty and elegance.

With a professional reupholstery service your Queen Anne Chair will be stripped back to her original frame by time served craftsmen before being reupholstered in a time fitting and elegant fabric of your choice. There are a number of specialist reupholsterers to choose from online.

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