Removing Acne Overnight By Using Home Remedies

Although it seems impossible to get rid of acne and pimples in a few hours without popping them, actually quite a few home remedies can be very effective to accomplish that. Regularly available items like honey, fenugreek, lemon juice, toothpaste, hot water and olive oil are very good to remove zits but the effects vary from people to people. Before applying any method, please ensure that you know your skin type well and the item you are applying on the skin suits you.

Both warmth and coldness can reduce or completely eradicate acne in a matter of hours. Keeping that in mind, applying ice cube and hot steam on your facial skin should be at the top of your how to get rid of acne overnight checklist. Before applying toothpaste, ensure you do not use the gel kind of toothpaste. Olive oil and lavender oil do not work for everyone so if you are applying them for the first time, don not expect any magic. Lemon juice containing one whole lemon and strawberry leaves are good as the acids present in them are known to show good results against pimples. However, whatever you do, make sure it does not cause irritation to your skin and does not aggravate the situation.

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