Recreational Smoking With Electronic Cigarettes – Is It Wise?

These days tobacco smoking is very much seen as a socially-unacceptable thing to do. Unlike in the old days where it was very much the opposite. At one time it was seen as the only way to fit in with certain social groups, or in certain bars and clubs. If you didn’t smoke, you could find it hard to mingle and get along as easily as other people who maybe did smoke.

This was also the case in work environments, and some people have even taken up smoking just so they could get along better with bosses and people who may be responsible for promotions in the office. It is sad, but a truism of human beings that we like to feel similar to one another, the fashion industry is testament to this fact on its own.

The problem with smoking having been a fashion, is that millions of people have died as a result of this “trend” as it was certainly seen as a trend in some quarters. However as smoking bans began to be implemented all over the world, the pendulum shifted somewhat quickly, and has now swung completely the other way, where smokers who are often addicted and can’t stop easily, are now viewed with scorn and sometimes treated like modern-day lepers of society.

In some ways this is a good thing, and it definitely is when looking at the health results of tobacco smoking. For many people, doctors especially, smoking couldn’t go out of fashion quickly enough!

However there is a new concern on the horizon, and it comes hand in hand with the arrival of Electronic Cigarettes. These devices have a very positive aspect to them, in that they can help tobacco smokers to get off the tobacco and switch to a healthier alternative. But they also have a negative aspect, which is that they can be mistaken for being completely healthy which they certainly are not. Nicotine is a drug, and a highly toxic one at that. Ingesting it, regardless of the method used is dangerous and harmful to health. This of course applies whether you are smoking tobacco to get that nicotine, or using e-cigarettes instead. For a full list of the dangers of nicotine and the ingredients of e-cigs, visit

People however have not changed, and they are still looking for ways to fit in with their friends and social environment. Electronic Cigarettes are popular and as such they could become a new craze or fad which could lead to more people becoming addicted to a deadly drug.

If you have never smoked tobacco, do not consider trying electronic cigarettes for any reason. It goes without saying that nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known to man, and pretty soon you may find yourself trying tobacco in order to get a bigger “hit” of nicotine.

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