Reasons To File Early with TurboTax 2013

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You spend most of your day online, doing all sort of important activities, even your job. Getting information instantly and doing things in the now has become a way of life for our fast paced generation. So if all this is true, why are you still wasting precious hours and days by getting your taxes filed by a real live accountant instead of using a tax software?

Here, we give you the top three reasons why you should consider using a tax software instead of filing your taxes by hand this year:

1. It’s cheaper

Tax software mostly costs way under $100; when was the last time you paid a professional such a low fee to get all those taxes filed correctly and refunds applied for accurately? If you still feel like you’re missing out on the touch of a real live expert, several tax software programs these days offer you advice from real experts for a low fee or free of cost. If tax filing is all about saving money and maximizing returns, tax software is the obvious choice. Tax software like Turbotax 2013 is available for up to $100 and for a just a little extra, you can access advice from a professional.

2. It’s faster

When you file your returns using tax software like Turbotax 2013, you can take advantage of the e-filing facility. E-filing allows you to apply for tax refunds online and to provide your direct deposit bank account details that makes the returns process so much easier and an activity that you can almost look forward to. Compare that with the manual filing method where you have to spend a week or more waiting for the accountant to mail in your returns and then wait for a deposit check from the IRS, and that’s not even counting the time it’ll take the check to get to the bank and be cleared. With software like Turbotax 2013, you can take comfort in the knowledge that your money will find its way into your bank account without you having to move out of your computer chair.

3. It’s error free

Well, relatively, anyway. With a human accountant, there’s always the chance of human error. Even if you weren’t using an accountant and doing the entire process by hand yourself, you’d probably be tearing your hair out with frustration just hours into the process and overlooking some important tax breaks along the way. Tax software like Turbotax 2013 makes friendly suggestions to the way you file your taxes, based on the fastest way it knows the IRS will process your returns. It helps you locate documents easily with its ‘flag’ feature and imports your data from other tools like Quicken. The software also remembers you and this makes it easier for you to do your future tax filing, thus making for a relationship that lasts!

While it’s always good to get the insight of experts, particularly in case you can get a tax break in some area and you weren’t aware of it, with software like Turbotax 2013, the experts directly communicate with you at your pace and your time. It’s time to embrace the wonders of technology and make getting your money back as pleasurable as it can be.

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