PVC Strip Insulator Doors

Loading bays can be a big loss of heat in your building, with large draughty doors constantly open you may find that heat escapes in winter and invades in summer as well as the insects. Being open to the elements may be a problem as well, with the sleet, snow, wind and rain easily able to invade and damage goods whilst wreaking havoc with health and safety conditions. An easy solution to this would be to install a secondary door that is easily accessed so why not try using plastic strip curtains?

With a heavier type of plastic the wind would not be able to creep in through the doors, the coatings supplied could help repel insects as well as cut down on ultra-violet light that could be too harsh in summer as well as the fact that the plastic is water resistant and would repel all types of precipitation. The plastic curtains would also act as a form of insulation meaning that heat is retained or repelled as needed you just need to control the indoor temperatures. With plastic curtains being easy to install and a low cost option you’ll be surprised at just how cost effective they can be, and just how much you could start saving on your heating bills.

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