PVC Strip Curtains for Business and Industry

Plastic PVC strip curtains are most commonly used for cold rooms or walk in fridges or freezers where they are used to form a barrier to prevent the loss of energy and cold air. With any cold room the door, it will have to be opened to allow access and as and when it is open the cold air escapes and heat is allowed in. A PVC strip curtain helps to prevent this and therefore ensures maximum efficiency combined with ease of access.

Another area in which PVC strip curtains are used is to separate different working areas in the work place such as in factories, warehouses and supermarkets. They can also used to form an effective barrier for pest control, preventing pests such as rats, wasps and flies from entering a building.

There are two types of PVC strip curtain available and these are for indoor or outdoor use. External PVC strip curtains are designed for outdoor use and are constructed of a more sturdy and heavy duty material and are therefore heavier in weight. They also feature a larger overlap on the vertical strips.

Internal PVC strip curtains are designed for use indoors and therefore are lighter in construction to allow easy and frequent access. Internal PVC strip curtains are basically designed to reduce noise, retain heat in a building and allow access.

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