Put The Baby Clothes To The Test

Newborns may be little but they can become really fussy creatures if clothed in uncomfortable baby dresses, like one strawberry dress (or “vestido moranguinho” in Portuguese) I used to make my baby girl wear for some reason. This is the most certain way to make them cry or scream. However, you cannot try those tiny little clothes on yourself; therefore you have to make sure that the newborn wardrobe you are buying is passing the test of physical comfort. The test consists of no more than 5 issues you need to consider when you are out and about browsing the baby stores.

Check the felled seams

The lines which join together the pieces of the materials, along their margins should lie flat and feel smoothly on your babys skin. You may check the seams by turning the clothes inside out and feeling them with the palm of your hand or simply looking at them.

Avoid elastics which are too tight

Tight elastic bands which can be found at the waist, neck or legs can chafe your infant’s sensible skin. Also, there is a possibility to cut blood circulation and your tot will feel extremely uncomfortable. Give the elastic areas a gentle tug to check how much they can give? Your baby will have enough room to move if the clothes stretch a lot.

Rough Baby Clothes

Snaps, zippers, or the appliqus on babys clothes have uneven backings that can scratch a sensitive skin. So, it is important to check whether these accessories have rough edges that may hurt your infants skin. Do not fall for the idea that they will soften after few washings, because it is not true.

Choking Hazards

Make sure you avoid all chocking hazards by giving all buttons or sequin a quick tug to make sure these fashionable and cute items will not end up in the little mouth of your newborn.

Choose only natural fabrics

Check the labels for material content before buying infant clothes. Remember that these come in a wide range of fabrics and not all of them are natural and protective to your babys skin. I put my girls strawberry dress (“vestido moranguinho” in Portuguese) in the trash after I discovered it was all synthetic. You should do the same.

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