Produce Believable Excuse For Leave

Going to office everyday can become stressful at some point. Even weekends may not suffice and it is a long wait for the annual holiday. You might feel that you have to take some amount of rest before you can resume work. At times, even one or two days of relaxation can rejuvenate you. If you tell your boss that you would like to relax at home because you are unable to take the work pressure, can you imagine the response and reaction? It is certainly not going to be something you would want! But if you were to produce a medical note that says that you had an infection and had to rest for a couple of days, your manager is going to accept it.

To get such a note you could visit sites where faked templates of notes from doctors are put up. You can choose a doctors note template that sounds credible in your case. For instance, if you have been away just for a day, you can take a note that cites a migraine headache. Or let us say you are eying a couple of days off next week. You can get a physiotherapist note that has appointments on those two days and which mentions that you would need to rest during the period.

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