Positive Thinking And Relationship

Relationships sometimes break because one person in the relationship feels betrayed or uncared for. This happens more if you are a person who had been caring for some time and suddenly began to concentrate on other things.

Once a relationship breaks, it is very hard to make it up and sometimes you are left bewildered without the knowledge of how to get ex back. At times like this you have to take some time off and sit down with a pen and paper. Make a list of things you had liked about your ex.

Write down what you do not like about him/her and tear it off to pieces, then take the list of likes and go through one by one. Read them aloud and then say we would surely get back together. Imagine your ex coming back to you with the same happiness as before. This simple positive imagination would give you comfort and confidence to move ahead and approach her/him to get him/her back.

Positive energy would work wonders especially in a relationship. Make sure you approach your ex through email or sms and inform him/her that you would like to speak. When you meet up speak of all the happy moments and leave the hard feelings that caused the break up. This would surely help in the patch up process.

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