Olivia Pope Is Often Scolded For Drinking Wine Incorrectly

Eric Asimov, wine critic for the New York Times, published an article on October 28, 2014 chastising Olivia Pope (famously played as a sophisticated designer-dressed scheming career woman by Kerry Washington) for the way she imbibes her ever-present wine on the popular television show series, “Scandal.”

Olivia has a passion for fine wines, frequently names fictional expensive varieties and vineyards, and often finishes off her day with a large goblet of one of those wines.

Wine lovers shudder at how Olivia Pope never does the proper ritual of “swirl and sniff“, and she guzzles and gulps instead of taking a refined sip.

Olivia doesn’t even hold her wine glass properly. She grabs the goblet by the bulb instead of the proper way of holding it by the stem. A gorgeous handcrafted red wine glass rises on an elongated slender stem to a bubble bowl that is perfect for cradling in one’s hand to allow wines to open up and breathe.

Why does Olivia Pope drink red and not white wine? In popular culture, red wine in an over-size goblet is considered to be the wine of choice by action-oriented and assertive professional women. White wine is thought to portray a weak, prissy, and indecisive woman.

Do you drink your wine like an expert or like the above example?

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