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commercial janitorial services

Commercial Janitorial Services

A clean office can lead to improved employee performance and productivity. Our outstanding team of janitors is ready to help clean and maintain your office or commercial property. All our housekeepers are expertly trained to provide the highest level of client satisfaction.

For your office, our standard commercial janitorial services include restroom cleaning, vacuuming of carpets, trash collection, dusting and floor care. In the bathrooms, we stock toilet paper and paper towels, and thoroughly clean and sanitize the sinks, urinals and toilets. Your carpets will look like new after being cleaned with our powerful hepa-filter vacuum cleaners. We empty your trash baskets and provide new lemon-scented trash can liners. To take care of dust, we damp dust your office’s ledges and windowsills. Finally, floor care is provided that includes the stripping, waxing and high speed buffing of your tile and terrazzo floors.

Our supervisors are the finest in the Dallas area. They provide extensive training to our staff in the proper use of all our equipment and green clean chemicals. No person with less than three years of supervisory experience is hired. They must pass a thorough background check and drug screen. On a daily basis, our supervisors closely monitor our employees and provide written evaluations every six months. We use these evaluations to check the progress of our custodians, their goals and contributions to the team. Office cleaning Dallas is a rewarding activity for everyone.

Our commercial janitorial services uses state-of-the-art equipment and green chemicals for cleaning, which is important in our environmentally conscious society of today. We have chosen to go green because we realize that most people spend the majority of their time indoors. Commercial facilities that use our green clean services see a reduction in health care costs and utility bills and a large improvement in the productivity of its workers.

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