Obtain Membership

Colleges and Universities

Get in touch with the colleges and universities. Send letters or even call recruitment departments of human resources at colleges and universities like the London Business School, Cambridge University and others.


Contact the schools using email, visit College and Universities- United Kingdom website so as to get a directory of the school official websites. Look for school’s job boards. Take the name together with email address of the human resources you will email your resume and cover letter.

Sign-Up With Job Boards

Register with the job boards such as Work Gateways, Accountancy Age Jobs, Career Builder and others. Create your profile and then upload strong resume which highlights your accounting training, certificates, accounting experience and licenses.

Check Newspapers

Try to find time every day and search for accounting job openings in newspapers like The Guardian, The Sun, Financial Mail, Morning Star and The Evening Standard. Make contact with the employers you would like to work with. Follow up with the employers who haven’t responded to your resume in two weeks.

Obtain Membership

Get a membership at good accounting associations like Association of British Independent Accounting Firms as well as the British Accounting Association. Attend association events that include seminars and conferences. Network with your peers and distribute business card. Use Linkedln and other online networking websites to link up with the association members.

Remember that those with increased education will benefit more. Individuals with Masters’ Degree are expected to earn more. Level of education has significant benefit in terms of promotion. As well, accountants with many years of experience could benefit but might be handicapped to some extent compared to accountants with more education.

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