Nail Designs That You Can Do At Home

If you are interested in nail art then you can do it at home also without going to beauty salon. To do this at home you have to read online tutorial and follow the guideline properly. With the right tools and professional nail products, it’s relatively simple to do your own nail art at home. You just collect right tools and nail art accessories and then start you process of nail painting. Listed below are few simple nail art designs:

1) Two tone nail polish treatments: Basically doing your nails half one color, and half another color. Fairly easy to do and can create some very abstract patterns, but be careful in terms of having a stable hand in getting the lines right. You can click on to get more information about nail art designs.

2) You can add shattered looks to your nail by applying crackle nail polish. It is very easy, and creates absolutely distinctive designs, particularly with the almost-infinite variety of color combinations between the solid base coat and the top crackle polish.

3) You can draw designs like flowers and ladybugs, to do perfectly you can use toothpick. After drawing design apply transparent nail polish over the design so that it can be protected.

4) Magnetic nails: This is the latest, somewhat high tech trend, and is pretty easy and creates very distinctive designs using special magnetic nail polish and what looks like stamps – but are magnets that arrange the metal particles in the nail around a design.

To do nail art at home you must know how do it perfectly otherwise your design does not look good and attractive.

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