My Own Dr. Tony Mork Reviews

About 6 months ago I had an accident, the bathroom tiles were slippery and it caused me to fall down and hurt my back. We had to call a massage therapist to attend to the pain in my back, it worked for a few weeks but then the pain suddenly returned.The pain was almost unbearable, causing me to have a hard time walking; it hindered me from doing work around the house and prevented me from socializing.

My massage therapists recommended a chiropractor. She told me that a chiropractor could guide me into understanding what is causing the pain. It might be the connection of the nervous system and the spine. Because I was already desperate for a solution I went and tried what she recommended. The chiropractor who treated me offered some helpful tips on how I could improve my posture, I was also asked to attend several sessions and while a bit of the pain was reduced it was still there. At night, I still had trouble sleeping. After more than a week I finally decided to ask if the chiropractor could recommend a doctor that would help examine my back. He recommended Dr. Tony Mork, MD an experienced orthopedic spine surgeon. My boyfriend and I went to his office the next day and now I am making this statement a part of Dr. Tony Mork reviews.

I believe my very own Dr. Tony Mork reviews will help others find the help that they truly need. Backaches are not a simple problem; it might be a symptom of an underlying medical condition. Before seeking for alternative medicine like a chiropractor, I should have gone first to an orthopedic surgeon so that my back would be carefully examined.

After undergoing several tests, Dr. Tony Mork recommended against spinal fusion. My back pain has been already too painful and would no longer anger be solved by chiropractic sessions, it turns out that I would need a supplementary bone tissue and it will be used to process my bones natural growth in order to eliminate the pain that is causing me to become immobile. This was because the doctor discovered that I was not suffering from a simple backache pain caused by an accident, but because I have the symptoms of a progressing scoliosis. I am truly glad that I asked for his opinion, otherwise I would be attending an alternative medicine that would have taken years to cure the immense pain I was feeling.

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