My Home Is Now Better, For Tint

Last year I was on a reality television show that never made it to the air. While I hoped to get the exposure (I am an actor), Im okay with the end result, because by the time the show ended, I found myself with brand new window tinting for my home. How did this happen?

So, I was at a pool in Las Vegas, in the US, when a woman approached me, telling me I had the look she and her programme were looking for. Great, I said, what do I have to do (it doesnt take much to get me excited)?

You have to star on this reality programme, where we make you move into a strangers home and live the way they live, for 3 months. I didnt mind the concept. Getting to have a new life for a short period of time seemed like a great way to have a vacation, and potentially increase my TV reach.

I moved to his family home in Melbourne, and lived in a house that was the size of 10 of my homes, literally. It was enormous. They had a pool, a butler, and 5 bathrooms. I was in hog heaven, taking advantage of all of the perks. I couldnt see how this made for good TV (obviously it didnt) but I didnt care.

Anyway, in my second week on the show, I realised that I was never hot inside that house, despite the heat outdoors. I thought it was the AC, but the producer told me that this family doesnt use AC unless necessary. So I asked, what could keep this house so cool?

My Home Is Now Better, For Tint is all the rage, the producer said. You ought to try it. Its cheap, and effective, and looks great.

So, once I left the programme I did my research, called an installer, and got tint on my windows. Now, my small one bedroom apartment is just as cool as that mansion only with less due in taxes.

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